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"The AZ Indie Film Show" Papago Presents is Arizona's radio home for independent film news and community chat. Listen in to get updates on recent and upcoming events, helpful information, and an introduction to the people who are getting it done here in Arizona. Our focus is to build up the Arizona film community by raising standards, forming stronger collaborations and encouraging higher exposure through festivals and distribution. Would you like to make a living doing what you love? So would we! Let's turn the Arizona film community into a film industry! Hosted by Liz Bradley, Liz Manning, and Christopher R. Smith.

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Episode 4
This episode originally aired on May 23rd, 2014 on Radio Phoenix. 
We're doing things a bit differently this time. Liz and Chris share their experiences on the recent shoot for local indie feature Forest Fire. Liz, Liz and Chris talk about life on location, particularly when "roughing it". We find out what demon elk screams are called. And we play clips, recorded on the set of Forest Fire, with members of the amazing crew including producer David Friedman, director of photography Travis Amery, special effects make up artist Cory VandenBos and more!
If you would like us to visit your set, you can send your info to, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.
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Episode 3
This episode originally aired on May 16th, 2014 on Radio Phoenix. 
Liz, Liz and Christopher R. Smith discuss getting "heat", "buzz" and other words that mean "interest", in your project. Chris and Liz talk about how they went from being rejected by film festivals to signing a distribution deal.
In the second half, we interview Hal C F Astell, reviewer at Apocalypse Later. He talks about reviewing local films, finding the good in all of them, and their often fleeting availability.  
You can submit your film to Hal for review by contacting him at or bumping into him at almost any Phoenix-area film event.
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Episode 2

This episode originally aired on May 9th, 2014 on Radio Phoenix. 

Liz, Liz and Christopher R. Smith discuss why law and contracts can't be the last thing a filmmaker thinks about. They talk about simple things you can do to keep yourself (and your film) out of legal trouble.

In the second half, we interview Lee Rudnicki, an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles. He gives us an in-depth look at the biggest legal mistakes filmmakers make, and how to prevent them. He tells us about his entertainment law course, which he has just opened to indie producers.

Lee's Course:

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Episode 1

This episode originally aired on May 2nd, 2014 on Radio Phoenix. 

Liz, Liz and Christopher R. Smith discuss first impressions of Phoenix, finding the film community here, and the reputation vs. the reality of our local industry. 

In the second half, we interview Matthew Robinson - programmer of the AZ Filmmaker Showcase and head writer at Dark of the Matinee. He talks about the wide variety of films he's seen coming out of Arizona.

The AZ Filmmaker Showcase is accepting submissions!

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