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"The AZ Indie Film Show" Papago Presents is Arizona's radio home for independent film news and community chat. Listen in to get updates on recent and upcoming events, helpful information, and an introduction to the people who are getting it done here in Arizona. Our focus is to build up the Arizona film community by raising standards, forming stronger collaborations and encouraging higher exposure through festivals and distribution. Would you like to make a living doing what you love? So would we! Let's turn the Arizona film community into a film industry! Hosted by Liz Bradley, Liz Manning, and Christopher R. Smith.

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Episode 7

This episode originally aired on June 13th, 2014.

Liz, Liz and Christopher R. Smith are joined by Diana Davis, producer at MoviesMakingADifference to talk about Cathedral Canyon, a fictional film which shines a spotlight on a facinating real-life story. A story that some powerful people may not want you to hear. 

From IMDb: 

  • A story set in both sprawling modern Phoenix and the fringe, rural polygamist communities of Northern Arizona, this film presents a hidden connection between these two very different worlds that permits the shocking acts of these cults to continue.

    Written by Paul Davis

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Episode 6
This episode originally aired on June 6th, 2014 on Radio Phoenix. 
Liz, Liz and Christopher R. Smith discuss "setiquette". Is there a solid set of rules for how to behave on set? Is it different from film to film, crew to crew? Is it simply to use your best judgement? To share your thoughts on setiquette, tweet us @PapagoPresents, find us on Facebook or email 
In the second half, our guest is producer Summer Helene. She tells us about her project, "The Rocks", a supernatural dramady shooting in Sedona. She gives us some tips on how to get your film made! To find out more about Summer Helene, google her!
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