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"The AZ Indie Film Show" Papago Presents is Arizona's radio home for independent film news and community chat. Listen in to get updates on recent and upcoming events, helpful information, and an introduction to the people who are getting it done here in Arizona. Our focus is to build up the Arizona film community by raising standards, forming stronger collaborations and encouraging higher exposure through festivals and distribution. Would you like to make a living doing what you love? So would we! Let's turn the Arizona film community into a film industry! Hosted by Liz Bradley, Liz Manning, and Christopher R. Smith.

The Podcasts

Episode 10

This episode originally aired on July 4th, 2014.

Liz, Liz and Christopher R. Smith talk about how to raise money for your projects! Investors? Crowd funding? Become a drug lord? Things get a little crazy when our hosts have a show to themselves!

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